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Forensic Neuropsychology


Neuropsychological Examination

The comprehensive neuropsychological examination targets broad understanding of behavior resulting from brain injury, brain maldevelopment, or psychiatric disorder. The examination provides differential diagnostic clarification, extent of functional disability, treatment needs, and long-range expectations.

Neuropsychology is the scientific and clinical study of how the brain accounts for behavior and mental functions. Brain injury of various kinds can reduce mental capabilities and thinking speed, produce changes in personality, affect, memory, impulse control, and other cognitive abilities, and alter coping patterns affecting complex behaviors and emotions.

Objective neuropsychological tests sensitive to domains of brain functioning are used, along with extensive history and records, to diagnose the presence and extent of brain dysfunction in order to understand the cause of a mental or behavioral problem, and to understand the consequences of neuropsychological disorder for every day functioning.

The condition and functioning of an individual’s brain is a product of biological inheritance, a lifetime of experiences, past and present physical health, brain insults, diseases, and numerous other factors including emotional and personality characteristics. The neuropsychological assessment provides the objective foundation for sorting out the factors that influence how well the brain is working and managing behavior.

Neuropsychological examination provides insight into the nature of an injury or disease process and predicts how well the brain is allowing an individual to learn, reason, solve problems, remember things, manage emotions, and interpret people and ideas.

In summary, neuropsychological examination provides

  • Objective evidence for brain abnormality due to a neurological condition
  • Description of capabilities across a broad range of neurofunctional domains
  • Diagnostic and prognostic understanding
  • Probable causations of abnormality
  • Lifestyle consequences of dysfunction
  • Treatment recommendations

A comprehensive neuropsychological examination typically takes about sixteen hours to complete, including records reviews, interviews, testing, and report writing. The cost for a comprehensive neuropsychological examination is typically in the range $2000 to $3000.

Criminal and Civil Forensic Neuropsychological Services

Consultation is available for civil or criminal adjudication, to aid litigation merit, and for case planning and direction. Comprehensive research, client records analysis, and assessment provide scientific foundation for case understanding, diagnosis, causation, extent of brain dysfunction, functional capacity, loss analysis, and prognosis. Often such a case analysis leads to a comprehensive neuropsychological examination.

Application of comprehensive psychological and neuropsychological assessment techniques yields a scientifically and theoretically sound foundation for the assessment of

  • cause and extent of injury
  • diminished capacity for judgment
  • trial competency
  • sentencing mitigation
  • false confession potential
  • criminal culpability
  • somatoform and factitious disorders
  • malingering and deception
  • personal competency and disability

Conference with the attorney, thorough review of professional and scientific literature, as well as case records review provide the background for launching a consultation or individual examination. Examination strategy incorporates the necessary techniques to explore history, broad aspects of brain function, personality and emotional characteristics, and environmental factors. Thorough examination provides the foundation for definitive diagnosis, delineation of clear functional consequences, realistic prognosis and treatment, and determination of cause(s) of injury.

Professional experience providing forensic services includes

  • Thirty years of experience providing forensic assessments
  • Board certification in neuropsychology
  • Expert witness testimony in over 250 cases, state and federal courts
  • Consultations for life care planning
  • Workshops for attorneys, life care planners, and case managers
  • Hundreds of independent neuropsychological examinations performed in criminal and civil cases
  • Services for attorneys, insurance companies, disability determination services, and case managers
  • Case consultations nation-wide

Neurofunctional “IME”

Insurance adjusters, case managers, and attorneys often desire neuropsychological examination of a claimant/client independent of treating professionals. This independent examination is sought as an objective and comprehensive status report in cases of personal injury and disability. Where physicians provide independent medical examinations, neuropsychologists provide independent neurofunctional examinations.

Independent neuropsychological examination may be sought to assist in medical-legal and forensic issues, worker’s compensation, personal injury, treatment evaluation, and disability assessments.

The neurofunctional IME is a comprehensive neuropsychological examination that is geared toward

  • thorough review and documentation of history and records
  • broad description of neuropsychological status and relevant personality, sociocultural, physical, employment, pain, financial loss, and other cofactors that might influence the expression of brain injury
  • definitive diagnostic statement with clear determination of causation, severity, and functional and vocational consequences
  • prognostic understanding relevant to attainment of maximum potential for improvement
  • necessary treatment and further study for addressing targeted, realistic outcomes

A neuropsychological IME typically requires about sixteen hours, including records reviews, interviewing, testing, and report writing. The cost for a comprehensive IME is typically $2000 to $3000. although costs can be higher if records are voluminous, continuous monitoring of evolving records is needed, or life care planning is involved.

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